Peace For Mary Frances directed by Lila Neugebauer

I am thrilled to announce that this spring I will be assisting Lila Neugebauer on Lily Thorne's new play Peace For Mary Frances. 

Ninety year-old Mary Frances is ready to die, having lived a good and fulfilling life. Born to refugees fleeing the Armenian genocide, and learning the trauma that they went through, she is determined to fulfill her last wish; to die peacefully at home surrounded by her family. However, her best laid plans indeed go awry as three generations of fiesty and determined women invade her home, each trying to get their hands on her possessions.

Faced with anything but a peaceful last few days on earth, Mary Frances is forced to play referee between her children, with tensions and jealousies all reaching boiling point; will she be able to broker peace before she departs her mortal coil?