Chamber Music by Arthur Kopit

September 7 - 16, 2017
Thursdays - Saturdays | 8PM
Tickets | $18

Featuring: Briana Archer, Abby Awe, Salomé Egas, Simone Grossman, Teresa Langford, Nick Mecikalski, Bre Northrup, Vanessa Pereda-Felix, Russell Sperberg, Amelia Windom, and Genevieve Simon

About the play

In Arthur Kopit’s Chamber Music, eight women gather inside an Asylum to discuss the imminent attack they face from the men’s ward. The women believe themselves to be (and perhaps may actually be) eight famous figures from history: Gertrude Stein, Susan B. Anthony, Joan of Arc, Queen Isabella I, Osa Johnson, Pearl White, Constanze Mozart, and Amelia Earhart. This production sheds new light on Kopit’s absurdist play and features a never before seen ending contributed by Kopit himself. Join us in this immersive, site-specific production of Chamber Music, directed and produced by Emily Moler and performed in St. John's Lutheran Church.

Tickets | $18

If you are unable to attend, please consider donating to our fundraising campaign! Donations will be going towards getting the actors costumed, the stage lit, our volunteers insured, and most importantly it'll go towards paying the 17 artists we have working on this exciting production! All donations are tax deductible and deeply appreciated.