Good Cry- May 15th and 16th

This May I'm working on creating a two night event at the Brick that explores the relationship between emotion and music. Particularly why certain songs trigger people to cry. My fascination with crying started this past September when I was unexpectedly reduced to ugly crying on the subway by Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters by Elton John. WHY DID THAT JUST HAPPEN TO ME? Why did that song hit me out of nowhere? How and why can a piece of music I've heard 100 times knock me on me feet like that?

Since that moment I've been cataloguing my personal crying cues, finding the common links between them. Reading up on the history of crying and the neuroscience behind it's connection with music. I've been interviewing friends and family about songs that make them cry and asking everyone the same question. Why does it sometimes feel so good to cry?

In the process I have learned a great deal about myself and my friends and family. I believe that sharing this part of ourselves is a deeply generous act. I am hoping to continue to explore this idea on stage in the coming year. This event at The Brick is my first opportunity to do so.